Sea Water Watermakers

SWRO 100000 watermaker

SWRO 100000 watermaker

SWRO 100000 is a large capacity watermaker, realized in a stainless steel structure, it will be able to treat brackish water up to 35000 ppm of TDS, ensuring fresh water purified againts chimical, bacteriologiacal an physical pollution.

SWRO 100000 has a fresh water capacity of 100000 litres/day (100 m3/day), it is suitable to be used in land applications as residences, hotels and restaurants etc.

The reverse osmosis unit is designed and constructed to treat sea water and it is assembled in a stainless steel skid; it is equipped with protections and control systems, in compliance with the European standard.




400 VAC

100 m3/day

Sea water Watermakers

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SWRO 100000 watermaker

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