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At Selmar, our mission is clear: delivering top-quality water purification and desalination solutions for the world's toughest challenges.

A family companyCompany

Selmar Technologies is fully directed to quality and customer satisfaction. Always careful to technological progress, the environment and safety, the company realizes this mission through a continuous search for innovative solutions to be developed in systems made on specific requests for the subsequent designation of the series production; in the choice of building components adhering to the highest international standards, in total availability to the customization of pre-configured machines and in the preparation of a fast and highly qualified technical service.
Adherence to international standards
Commitment to technological advancement
Tailored solutions and exceptional support

The dedication to quality is a strategic thinking and an operational practice, that characterizes the business processes at any time. The daily propensity toward that goal finds its recognition in the certification of compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 of the Quality Management System, a milestone which Selmar Technologies has reached already since 2000 and has always renewed with commitment and spirit of improvement, passing strict checks and constant controls.

Our Mission Mission

The diligent, historical presence in the most important moments exhibition of the international marine industry and the appreciation from prestigious shipyards, the construction of great capacity plants and their implementation-sometimes in areas well away from the production site-, the collaboration with scientific research institutions and local economic development are an important experience base on which Selmar Technologies continues to design and produce high quality products to meet the expectations of its customers worldwide.


Excellence is our guiding principle, embracing all aspects of our work, from leading-edge technology to unwavering environmental stewardship.



Establishment of Selmar Technologies Srl
Selmar Technologies was founded, laying the foundation for a journey of innovation and excellence in water purification.


Production first watermakers civilians
We introduced our inaugural civilian water purification systems, marking the dawn of a legacy dedicated to delivering clean water solutions.


Transfer to the new office in Marsala (Italy)
Selmar Technologies relocated to its new office in Marsala, Italy, to accommodate growth and enhance operational efficiency.


Opening of the commercial office in Milan (Italy)
Expanding our presence, Selmar Technologies inaugurated a commercial office in Milan, aimed at providing enhanced services to our valued clients.


New Selmar Factory
This milestone showcased our dedication to pioneering technological advancements in the field, setting new standards for the industry.

Selmar FactoryFactory

This modern plant has been designed with cutting-edge technology, integrating highly efficient processes to ensure the highest quality of products while simultaneously reducing environmental impact. Thanks to the use of eco-sustainable energy solutions, such as the employment of renewable sources and advanced recycling systems, Selmar aims to minimize its ecological footprint, demonstrating its commitment to sustainable development.
Cutting-Edge Technology
Environmental Sustainability
Innovative Eco-Friendly Manufacturing
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