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Onboard water treatment

Potable water stored inside tanks, even if of good quality, can deteriorate and lose its original chemical/physical quality during the time.

It’s not so difficult to find at different utilities a different water compared to the original stored one, maybe turbid, with bad flavor and polluted by heavy metals present in the same tank.
To install a clarification system mod. “ACQUA DREAM” in the water distribution system of the boat, as home appliances protection and for a good and economical usage of the fundamental element of life: water.

SELPUR UV B/PLUS is an equipment for the drinkable water treatment based on a special silver activated carbon filtering cartridge “Carbon Block AG”, with 0,3 micron filtration rate. The cartridge has been certified from the Italian Ministry of the Health. The water treated with SELPUR UV B/PLUS is free of unpleasant tastes, chlorine, organic substances, bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms.


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Onboard water treatment

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